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is a Texas company and Web-site (www.TexasPopArt.com) that represents the paintings and sculptures of

Reginald Watterson

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Title: Texas Grapefruit

Medium: Acrylic on wooden panel


48 inches X 48 inches


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The paintings shown on this page are the images of copyrighted originals, 48 inch by 48 inch, acrylic on board paintings, of Texas Artist Reginald (Reggie) Watterson, started in 1968. Reggie is a full time artist living in El Paso, Texas with 50 plus years of experience in the Visual Arts.

Please feel free to contact him through this web-site or email him at johnwatterson@hotmail.com with Artwork as the subject title. You may also leave a message on his answering machine at 915-317-5739.

About this Site

Texas Pop Art is a registered Texas company. The web-site for the company to sell fine art is www.TexasPopArt.com. The site offers sales of the original 48 inch by 48 inch paintings on wooden panels as well as limited edition prints on canvas (giclées), signed and numbered. The giclées are three different sizes: 12 inch by 12 inch, 24 inch by 24 inch, and 36 inch by 36 inch. See samples of the giclées in - Hanging Your Paintings.

PHONE: 915-317-5739



All images are property & copyright of Reginald Watterson- Reproduction without permission is prohibited


PHONE: 915-317-5739